Thursday, 2 April 2009


So this week im not very well at all. I have a slipped disc in my back and now to top it all off, i have a chest infection.Did i run over a chinaman and not realise? Surely i must have run over 2 or 3 to feel this pitiful.
So today, fed up with laying flat in bed and watching re-runs of everything on foxtel, i thought id do some easter tweakin'. Not too much, just a little somethin' on the sideboard to get that 'Hoppy' feeling going on in the house. Plus Sam will love it.

I forgot i had this banner! Shhhh dont tell my hubby,but i climbed up a chair to get it from the storage cupboard (ouch, paying for it now, believe me).

A little bunny and chick happiness.

Pretty darn stinkin' cute huh?

Sams easter basket from his first year at Pre-school,when he was 2, and my Villeroy and Boch bunny from my sweet friend Peta @ Pretty In Pink.

Now these...these i am busting to eat!!!

They were part of a mega cute and yummy easter swap i did with my gorgeous friend Laurie @ Momof2Roses

Now that ive done some easter tweakin' i really wish it was easter now! Mmmm i can almost taste the red tulip bunny right now....Hmm and i can clearly see it on my hips right now too!

Ok, thats all from me, my backs starting to give me bother so im off to lay down again, cuddle up to my kitty katts and get ready to watch The View (im addicted).

Love and Pink Kisses
Shann xxoo


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

All looks really pretty .
We got some of those Peeps too in Willows parcel...
We are yet to eat them too.
My kids are busting for their parcels...

Lucinda Obrien said...

So sorry to hear you are not well.Us Mum's are'nt allowed to get sick are we.But I bet all those beautiful gorgeous delightful Easter goodies soon cheer you up.Get well soon.
Lucinda xx

*Noelle* said...

love your easter banner:) hope you feel better soon- take it easy!

noelle ♥

The Pink Poodle said...

dear shannon...PLEASE DO NOT climb any ladders again!! too dangerous & with a sore back as well..!!

easter goodies look lovely..

take care with a bad back..nothing worse...I know myself from past experience...
I am currently suffering a dodgey knee (over the tennis tennis knee!!)...

xx andrea

our shabby cottage said...

Oh Shannon, you naughty girl climbing a ladder in your condition!!! I hope your back and chest gets better soon. love your "Easter Tweakin'"

Vicki said...

Hi Shannon
I'm so sorry to hear about your bad back, not good hun. You have totally inspired me to go easter!!!
hope youfeel better soon
Vic xxx

Linda said...

Hi Shannn,
Sounds like you are having a horrible time of it lately, your Easter decorations look wonderful I'm sure that they cheer you up whenever you pass by.
I hope you feel better soon.
Cheers and best wishes.

Laurie said...

It all looks beautiful! Get better soon!

TattingChic said...

Your Easter goodies are all so darling! Get well soon! :)

Jules said...

your blog is looking eggsquisite .The background is even nicer in yours than on mine !

Lori said...

Shannon, My heart goes out to you! I remember the back pain to well! Glad i had it taken care of! Love,Lori

Sharon Ellery said...

That Easter display looks so cute :-) But you look after that back. Most years we camp for Easter so I've always got to find a way not to let all those treats there unmelted. A real challenge.

Happy Easter.


Faye said...


Gail McCormack said...

Happy Easter to you all Shann!!
Your tweaking looks wonderful

clare's craftroom said...

Wonderful "hoppy" things . Hope your back improves in time for an egg hunt !

Kelly said...

Hey girl,
Hope today finds you feeling better!!! many Easter blessings to you and your family, your banner is divine!!
Oh and I closed my FB page.....unfortunately it has left a bad tatse in my best friend decided her marriage wasn't enough and attempted unethical *conversations* with my husband, yes I am serious. So yeah not going there anymore......
changed my blog addy also.....oh it has just been a bundle of fun here the past couple weeks, lol.
take care and talk to ya soon....
here is the new address.......


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Shann, wishing you a blessed Easter. Your sideboard is over the top lovely.