Tuesday, 27 January 2009


My little boy was so tiny and wore these shoes to his 1st Birthday Party.....

Now he is 5 and a half (yep he insists you say the half) and getting ready for his first year of school next week.

Today we went shopping for school stuff.....and my boy wanted new shoes for 'just around mum'
He wanted thongs (ok now to us in Aussie land, thongs go on your feet, not ya backside, ok)

So, gone are the sweet,little brown loafers....
Today he chose these....scary skulls and flames...geez...

My boy is growing up. BUT he still loves holding his mummys hand and swinging it when we are out and he still loves to snuggle on my lap at night time when we read a story. So to me he's still my little boy...i think he always will be.
He also informed me today In a very matter of fact voice mind you) that when he is big and has a wife, he is getting Bunk Beds and she can sleep on the bottom one or hit the road. ** LOL ** You gotta love how their minds work hey.

So i have my boy home with me for 5 more days.....yes im in serious denial about the whole school thing.....maybe it will get cancelled????
One can live and hope huh?

This is the handsome face im gonna miss every day.....it will be weird being home by myself....counting down till 2;30pm when i can get a cuddle :)

SO i imagine with Sam at school i will be painting up a storm at home...hmmm...or eating cookies and watchin' Ally McBeal and McLeods Daughters re-runs on Foxtel..LOL.

Maybe i can combine them all hey?

Before i go...heres a few finished projects for the week. They are available on my Website now.

Ok im off now to kiss the kid :)

See you all soon and my SINCERE apologies for being sooooo darn slack and not visiting you all. I Promise im on my way (especially to you Lori honey).

Luv and Pink Kisses,
Shann xxx


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I am right there with ya Gal.
My baby Boy is off to School for the first time too!!!
I am feeling ok though as he is super super excited and pretty confident bout the whole School thang...
And I will be flat out with the two Lil Sisters and no big brother to play with and help Mum out!!
Never underestimate the help a newly turned 6 yo can be!!!!
But we will survive,Sob,sob.
Our pick up is 3.30pm!!!
8.50am til 3.30pm...Uhhhhh,Time flys by,eh?

debbie said...

hi shannon i know how you feel the last of my five are off to schhool next monday.i feel sad,cause he is going off without me and happy for him on his new adventure be strong you are not alone cheers Debbie

our shabby cottage said...

Shannon, my love, you will be amazed at how quickly you will get used to it and curse how quickly 3.30 comes around!!! I will be thinking of you next week! Kathryn. XX

MelsRosePlace said...

Oh sigh...those little shoes.. i hope you have plenty of tissues for next week - i was still crying at midday when my first went off to school and my 11 yo started a new school today - what did i do? start weeping! Cuddle him up while you still can scary thongs and all, hugs, Mel xxx

Sarah said...

Hiya Shann,
Those are one pair of cute of loafers, wow how time flies!
I wish Sam & you of course, a fantastic first day at school. What an exciting (& scary) time for both of you.
Sarah xxx
P.S: My eldest daughter has a thing for sculls & crossbones at the moment, lucky some of them come it pink & purple patterns!!!

Connie said...

They grow up way toooooo fast, chick! Trust me on this one. My babies are now 46 and 47. Yikesssssss.......

Country Wishes said...

I know just how you feel, my twin boys are in their second year of primary school this year and it feels just like the first year all over again (for me anyway..lol). Ive promised them I will wear my sunglasses ans wont cry this time.
Sam will love school and make heaps of friends Im sure.

carilyn said...

Hi Shann,You poor thing,i remember my baby going to school,i just hung around the school gate 'just in case', what a big drip i was, now he's 19 and 17,000 feet tall with whikers,but still my baby, you are just a normal loving mum,so hang in there.
Now, some questions, as usual..
Did you have someone build your website?was it very expensive? Is it difficult to make your own? i am setting up a blog shop at..


Sorry to say,lolli is a bit of a fizzer so far... so any tips would be GREAT! Also can you fill me in on all your Blog stuff, swaps,competitions,Awards etc, yeah yeah, i know, i must have been living under a rock, but it's all still new for me.
I am having the best time making my Banner and Avatars, it's sooo much fun, and NO MESS!
Let me know if you need anything made, it will be my gift to you, for all your advice.
Hope i havn't driven you up the wall,
Talk to you soon.....Carilyn.

Alison Gibbs said...

You know Shannon it doesn't matter how big they get, they are still our babies. I have to tilt my head back to look 2 of my babies in the eyes. They got so tall!! Love em.

Lori said...

Whew Shannon, you had my bum so scared????? I have so missed my laughs from you!!! Hang in there, mums like us are not forgotten! Look at me, I still have a 20 and a 23 year old boys home and don't mind a bit! Heck I may even have my 25 year old home by the end of summer and won't complain a bit!!!! Love,Lori

celestina marie said...

Hi Shannon, Oh my~~a your post brought back a ton of memories of when my son went off to school. I still have some of his little shoes. Enjoy every minute with him and then enjoy all his excitement of his school adventures.
Your new treasures are beautiful. Love your header too.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

joan said...

I remember how sad I was when my youngest went off to school. I cried. Maybe being busy will make the day go fast. Sweet post.............

Dolly said...

Oh NOOOO say it isn't so!

Ok lets protest.... kids can not go to school until they are sassy teenagers and we are ready to get them out of the house for a few hours everyday!

I am gonna miss Sam too!
<< Insert sad face

Give him hugz from me!


Gail McCormack said...

You'll be right! In no time it'll be School Holidays, or teacher's day off or whatever.
I think I was more upset when my two started High School

Hope it's not too hot for you both tomorrow.
Be brave! Let us know how he went won't you Shann

Cooler here today ` thank goodness

xo xo

IsabellasCloset said...

Shannon, I've not been to your blog in a while. Sorry. It's lovely!
Your sweet Sam sure is getting big..he's adorable! They do grow up so fast. My precious Grandson Sam is 8.
Hope all's well with you and your Mum too. Tell her I said hello.
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}