Thursday, 27 March 2008


Celebrate Spring with Beth and Karla for their

“Bling your Birdhouse” Challenge!
(Otherwise known as “What do you LOVE about your birdie’s home?”)

This is a SELF-linking and SELF-swapping challenge.
Show photos on your blog of a birdhouse you have embellished, in any way your artistic heart desires. If you aren’t an artist, you can share pictures of your favorite bird’s happy home.


Well Girls....., I CAME, I SAW AND I BLINGED !!!!

My birdhouse was pretty gosh darn BORING when i bought it from a tatty ole shop..seriously folks my heart ached for this birdie house...i just had to buy her and BLING her up.

SOOOO..without further ado....My Bling Bling Birdie House :)

Click on any pic to enlarge them.

The roof tops are covered in pearl glitter (and so is my kitchen now...oh actually i shoud say permanantly.)

Can you see the lil' birdie inside the top nest? She's keeping watch for naughty kitty katts....she knows i have 5 of them lurking around.

Are you under the assumption that i like pink and roses??? LOL think i went a tad too far???
NAH of course not. You can NEVER EVER have too much pink, mint and roses, oh and of course SPARKLE !!

Ok so then i thought maybe i'd change the pictures a bit and have some fun.

Oooh this is a bit kookie and fun! LOL

ok yes, loving the black and white.

I think this is my fave :)

Ok so now a GIVEAWAY is in order. YAY FOR GIVEAWAYS !!!
Dont you just love to win stuff?? its sooooo fun and i love having giveaways!

Im thinking i will keep the prize a SURPRISE though.....
Yep i will keep you all guessing, arent i a big meanie !

I will tell you though that it does involve birds..hmmmm.


Everyone who leaves a comment is automatically entered. I'll keep it running until Sunday the 30th to give all you lovelies a chance to pop in. Then i will notify the winner by email or blog and post your prize on my blog!

Sound good???

YEp i think so too.

HAVE FUN and remember to pop on by Beth or Karlas Blogs and visit all the girls participating in the Bling Your Birdhouse Challenge!

Happy Days!

Shann xxoo


nbeltane said...

shan that is such a cute bird house, just adorable.. well done. and i love the altered piccies as well.

Beth Leintz said...

Oh my gosh- your birdhouse isn't just a house, it's a pretty pink palace- lucky birds!

Thanks so much for coming to the party!

bluemuf said...

What a beautiful birdhouse, It's just lovely


Jeanne said...

Hi Shannon!
I love your 2-story birdhouse. The colors are like a bowl of sherbet!

She'sSewPretty said...

How pretty!! I love it!

Steve said...

Hey Shannon, that's a pretty scratching post...LOL
I think I've seen your blog listed over at Karla's cottage -however this is my first visit to yours. I'm thinking that first altered photo would be great printed out on cardstock and used as patterned paper for a layout if you scrapbook? Note: using hubby's account. have fun today at Beth's and Karla's birdhouse party. Joyce

The Rose Room said...

Nice, very nice and a girl can never have to much bling and foof in her life:) Rachael

shabby chic said...

Hi Shannon
Many thanks for dropping in . Glad you did your website and blog are lovely. You have a lovely home and produce some lovely creations. I love the cupcakes and they do look good enough to eat!without the calories!. I will pop you on my favourite blogs and come and see you lots !
x Dominique

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Hi Shannon, sooo sweet!! I think we have discussed before that a girl can never have too much glitter, pink or roses! Love your bird house! Thanks for sharing and count me in! Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Shannon that is adorable.
So, so girly!!
Love it

Raspberry Roses said...

Love that bling...pretty sweet pink birdie house....

Raspberry Roses said...

Love that bling...pretty sweet pink birdie house....

love of yellow roses said...

simply beautiful!

Bek said...

Love the bird house, can't wait to show my daughter in the morning she will just looove it. She need cheering up at the moment so seeing it should make her morning. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. Every bit of prayer helps :) mum and daughter doing well.


KARA said...

ok thats the most beautiful blinging birdhouse ever. Chickie will never want to leave, in fact i would not want to leave, I mean I am tiny I am sure I could live there. lol.
hope you are doing ok, miss talking, life bit better here, will email you this weekend.
please enter me any shann stuff is awesome

Lori said...

Shannon, oh my!!! your bird house is just over~the~top gorgeous!!! i am now re~thinking my simple have created a stunner!!! pop over and see mine too:)

Siobhan said...

Hello Shannon, This is such a pretty birdhouse! Well done girl!
Siobhan xo

Emma's Paper Patch said...

just stunning!!

Emma's Paper Patch said...

just stunning!!

tamy said...

are you kidding me!!
your house is FABULOUS and sooo darling
I love everything about it!
thanks for sharing!

Scrappy Jessi said...

o my gosh!!!
this is fabulous!!!
just gorgeous!!!

Jen r. said...

Wow, awesome birdhouse! I can't imagine the time you must have put into it! Mine looks nothing like that~!
Jen R said...

This is like a pink princess palace!! Wow!! How delicate and beautiful. thanks for coming to the party, what a great addition to it!

Dolly said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Shann,
if I were a lil pink birdie {covered with cherries of course} I'd want to live in your pretty pink birdie castle!
It's precious!

Luvs ya sweetpea,

Hugz to my lil brother too! :-) :-)

WhineNRoses said...

I love your pink roses birdie house, Shannon!! So sweet and shabby!!!
I'm really enjoying seeing all the beautiful birdhouses!!!

Frumpies world said...

I can't believe my eyes, your birdhouse looks so romantic!! Just totally love it...and your blog too, I came across it through Elly's blog and I want to add it to my list of favs, hope you don't mind, tfs, xxxWendy.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh Shann, that is the most beautiful birdhouse I have EVER seen. You create dreams my dear. Thinking of you and so glad you're spreading your friends love with smiles and beautiful creations.

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Oh my goodness... I have tried to comment several times. I could not make it work last night and I finally got to you and I deleted what I said LOl Well it was worth all the trouble. I love this house and it is scrumptious. I did not get to bling my bird house but I did post and shared some birdies I have. My fake birds would peck each other over the chance to live in this house. AMAZING. Stop by and visit me if you get a chance.

Jessica said...

Wow! It's like Cinderella's castle, only for birds! I love all the millinery flowers.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love the birdhouse, must be some special little birdie living there.

jennalee said...

Love your birdhouse so much. nice job. The bird that comes to live in that one will be very pampered.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Your birdhouse is SO sweet and pretty! I LOVE it!!

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Well lovey, you have certainly outdone yourself on this one. That is not a birdhouse that is a Birdie Hilton. You can never have too much pink, it is who we are!!

LeAnn :)

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

P.S. Stop by sometime today, I have something for you.

LeAnn :)

Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

That is one GORGEOUS birdhouse!! You did an awesome job!!


Marina Capano said...

nice!!!!woww!!is real so cute!!!!! it is romantic and female!congratulation. By the way, you have beautiful music in your blog!regards from Argentina!!!!
Nice to meet you!

lollysnestegg said...

Your bird house is absolutely STUNNING!!! Wonderful!!

Elly said...

Your birdhouse (or should I say: tower) is really, really too beautiful!!! Pink,green, glitter and roses: the perfect ingredients for the most gorgeous birdhouse!

LW said...

What an enchanting birdhouse…



BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Sweet! A double-decker of loveliness! Oh how I wish I had joined this swap! =)

LiLi M. said...

Your birdhouse (house?) is definely bling! And all girls love it!
I have to say that I like surprises too, especially when it concerns a giveaway!

nanatrish said...

I just found your blog and I love the birdhouse. Oh how I would love to win it. Your creations are wonderful!!

Sabii Wabii said...

Your bird house is BEAUTIFUL. That word doesn't do it justice! You blog is great also...I'll be back

Bek said...

Showed Mikayla she loved it and wanted to buy it. Looks like I am now roped into making a bird house with Mikayla. lol:)
Mikayla said your birds house looks like it is made for princess birds. :)

Bek said...

Showed Mikayla she loved it and wanted to buy it. Looks like I am now roped into making a bird house with Mikayla. lol:)
Mikayla said your birds house looks like it is made for princess birds. :)

cherished*vintage said...

Hi Shannon! This birdhouse is fabulous in all its pink glory! Thanks so much for visiting me earlier - I'm glad you stopped by. I love your blog!

Adeline Country Cottage said...

I know crazy me for posting my Birdhouse one mth early, well I guess better early then never, your Birdhouse is heavenly, I love the soft colours you used very Chic you done a beutiful job, hey I must ask your window dressing in the back ground made with Rachel's Fabric, where did you come across with that young lady, that is my favorite! but everytime I try to buy some it's only a fat quater size, I'm very green right, Ooooooh I'll have the bottom eye candy in your last post thanks, totally yummmmmmmmmmy! and also no I never had a little sipper that day I posted my Blinged, I wasn't the only one as Linda did to...hee, hee, we both had a party on our own, last mth. Ok must go Mandii come around for a play today have to get ready chat and sipper soon darl.

Oh nearly forgot can I enter too Pleeeeease!

Cami said...

Holy Moly---your birds live in a better part of town than mine! MAGNIFICENT!!!

Linda said...

Hi Shann,
wow that is the most girly girly bling bling birdhouse I have ever seen, man I thought I sometimes go over the top but girl you are the queen of over the top I bow down to you. I just love it when can I move in i'm sure that I will fit!
Have a wonderful day.
Cheers Linda

Gail McCormack said...

Now that surely is a "Blinged" birdhouse if ever I saw one!
The lucky birds!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oh my!! What bling! I just know that every girlie birdie would love that birdhouse!

Lilith Silvermane said...

You did an AMAZING job on that bird house. My girls would fight over it!

Funny, when you said "What do you like most about your birdhouse" I thought you meant real ones. My two doves were about to get pictures posted about them, and a bragging about the MASSIVE cage I have for them. *laughs*

Great giveaway!

debbie said...

i LOVE the last two photos =) soooooooooo p*r*e*t*ty!!! debbie

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

*BIG SIGH* I knew yours would be gorgeous Shannon!! And I was right!! STUNNING!!!! I want that birdhouse!!! :)


Raspberry Roses said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Does this mean I get two goes in your giveaway? he he

Debra said...

Hi Shannon
Your birdhouse is gorgeous. Those birds are so lucky. I wish I was as crafty as you and all the other ladies that I read on the blogs. It really is a credit to all of you.

Marilyn said...

Oh, wow, Shannon! How elegant! The colors and roses are so beautiful!

Melissa said...

Your bird house is so looks like a candy cottage. Great job!

Cottage Way of Life said...

Awww I love it. I've been to a couple blogs tonight with the birdhouse bling idea, and this is one of my favs!! :)


A Romantic Porch said...

Shann, those birdhouses are adorable. I love it when you visit my porch. Please drop by today (Mar 28) if you get a chance. I have something pink to show you, my dear! Have a happy day! Love,Rachel


Ladies, I saw this in person today!! Bling isn't the word for it. Just too gorgeous!
Coll :-}
PS: Just beautiful sweetie. mwah.

Counting Your Blessings said...

My birds are still down south. It snowed again yesterday! I'll give 'em a whistle and let them know that your B&B is open. Blessings... Polly

Rhonda said...

Oh my! What a beautiful birdhouse. I remember your beautiful living room now. You have a unique style that I love. I want you to come do a room for me! I also remember your freind... I so your blog when you were heart broken. Now you have her beautiful picture up! How wonderful to have a freind like you! God has blessed you both! You should know that she knows that and carries that in her heart with a hug and a smile Rhond

Tracie said...

Hi Shann,
Gosh and to think I came over here to talk about your lovely pink car from Rachel - it's so you, sweetheart and I want one just like it. Maybe we could get a fleet of them for us girly girls!

Your birdhouse is over the moon here - that is one lucky birdie! I too love the black & white photo.

See ya sweets - I think you should paint your Shannon plane the same colour!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Sounds good to me. Count me in. Loved your over the top blinged bird house. Definitely eye candy. Have a super great weekend. ~ Lynn

Jeanie said...

This is unbelievably beautiful! I love its grace -- it is a confection!

I am delighted to enter your drawing and hope you'll pop over to the Marmelade Gypsy to enter mine!

Gypsy Mermaid said...

Hey hunnie bunnie!! I am in aww over that bird house! everything you do is soo beautiful! Another giveaway!!! wowO! you rock! can this texas girl get in on the fun? hehe! hope you have a great weekend! hugs


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Shann your birdhouse is so shabby sweet!

Please enter me in your lovely giveaway - I adore birds :-)

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Hi again.... Just wanted to invite you back to my blog. I am having a give away. I know you are in Australia but I would love for you to take part too. Stop by and comment under "friends are like flowers". That's it,Hope to chat soon.

Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hey thanks for dropping by, Oooooh to bad so sad, first in best dressed, I say, you are a scream, I got home last night from a night out on the town with the girls and read my email I laught so hard that I nearly woke my family up, ok If I find another one you will be first to know! and what's with all your comments for your Blinged house, I only got a hand full.....hmmmmmm no one loves me
:( boo hoo, hee, hee. oh well maybe cause I'm new in blogger town! Chat soon.


Miss Rhea said...

Wow, that is over the top, PINK and gorgeous !!! Love it !!!

Miss Sandy said...

This glittery high rise is just my style, love it!

Lori said...

SHANNON, OH SHANNON, OH MY GOSH SHANNON, CAN YOU HEAR MY HEART BEATING MADLY???? I AM GOING INSANE LOOING AT YOUR BiRDHOUSE! Hon, That is the BEST on I have ever, ever, seen! I lOVE IT!!! You've made things before I love, but this is my number one, all time favorite!!!!!!! If I live near you I'd be beating down the door to see it! Sam would say< "Mummy, Auntie Lori us looking like a crazy lady at your birdhouse"! Enter me!!!! Love,Lori OH I CAN'T STOP THINKING OF THAT BIRDHOUSE

Shabby Pink said...

Hello Darling Shannon
How are you? I'm Fine thanks.
I'm back now.

WOW The Bird House is Beautiful and Loves it so much
You are very Clever Hand Made Craft for the Bird House.

Have a Good Day

Love Ya Irene xo x:)

Alex Hughes said...

Just gorgeous. Love all the pink!!

Melinda Cornish said...

this is my fisrt visit to your site and I love it...I will be back again! Love the pink rose birdhouse! Melinda


Hi Shannon, your birdhouse is just stunning I've been to look at some of the other birdhouses how good are you girls so talented... WOW how many comments do you have it took me half an hour just to read them all... only joking well done.

MelsRosePlace said...

Very very pretty Miss Shannon! I love your different photos, they look great! Mel xxx

The Rose Cottage said...

Hey Shann, we have the same curtains :) I just love what you did to your birdhouse, it is darling. I collect birdcages and birdhouses, will have to take a picture soon of them all in one place. I have a plain white one I could fancy up like yours :)

joan said...

Hey Shannon,

That is about the prettiest birdhouse I have ever saw. I have two outside, one is a coffee shop birdhouse and the other is a garden house birdhouse. Since I have no artistic talent, I bought them but they are cute. Oh and I have to tell you, my little granddaughter loves your music on your blog. When I visit your blog, she comes running into my office and starts to dance and wants to see whats on the screen, it's too funny. Have a great week.